New Bastion

     New Bastion was forged by Nawra, Pasa, and Algrimm Giantsbane as the new home for the former slaves and citizens of Bastion after the Trackless Wastes nearly destroyed the original city; these three figures are integral to the new city and have each become icons in their own right; they are the foundational pillars which keeps New Bastion from falling into is previous, unlawful trappings. The city’s inhabitants are mostly the former slaves and slave owners that made up Bastion before its fall, and while they haven’t completely adjusted to the laws of the world beyond the Westwall Mountains many have managed to create a better and more prosperous life in New Bastion.

     Nawra, one of the previous rulers of Bastion, sought to create a fair and equalitarian system of laws and leadership for the city, and while the new system isn’t perfect it does provide a level of personal freedom unheard of for most of Bastion’s residents. Nawra herself currently sits as New Bastion’s Grand Regent with a court of officials from Anunara, Kelbridge, and the druids of Felldoh; and she is widely regarded as kind, generous, and fair.

     Pasa, the youngest in a long line of crafters and previously scorned by the laws of the land, established New Bastion’s justice system including a central court and handpicked judges. Pasa herself sits as Grand Magistrate of New Bastion, and makes certain her justice system doesn’t meet the same fate as those she deems corrupt.

     Algrimm Giantsbane is a Dwarf of his word, after he offered the high court of Amunara his aid in the exodus of Bastion, Algrimm was named chief of police in the sprawling new city. The task hasn’t been without challenge, the biggest of which has been keeping the slave trade of old Bastion out of New Bastion. Algrimm does more than serve as police chief, however; he also heads the New Bastion chapter of the order of Steel Falcons, an organization whose prime directive is to eradicate slavery from the world.

     Much has changed for the inhabitants of New Bastion, and the city still aches with the sins of its previous life, but there is hope in the streets… A feeling unknown to those who lived and died in the city hidden by the basin.

New Bastion

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