Adventures in Ferritia

Ferritia Adventure Log


    Ronsonal is a druid with a cause, although not the normal cause(s) of a druid. Since he was young, he has dreamed of becoming a Fire Elemental, and bonding with the Plane of Fire. As such, he has taken to the long-forgotten and extinct clan of Fire Druids, in the hopes of returning such a hated clan to its rightful place as a proud clan of Druids. He took it upon himself to guard the volcano known to the druids as “Mount Death-Cloud”. He has done his job very well, with the help of the druids in the Char Forest, has kept intruders off the molten lands surround the volcano.
    He then found a very strange, very short man that stumbled into his land, humming a tune to himself. After a brief confrontation of this strange man, he was immediately invited to drink with the man. Taken aback by this travelers overwhelming hospitality, Ronsonal was introduced to the beauty of “Firewater”, and after a long bout of drinking with the man, he saw 3 figures crash through the underbrush, chased by metal abominations, and his life began to change.

    Algrimm Giantsbane began his life, as many other dwarves do, hearing tales of great battles and terrifying foes deep in the halls of Arholme east of the Keldaggrins. It was easy for him to decide what he wanted to do with his life; he was going to become a giant slayer like his forefathers, but the songs sung for Algrimm would be sung the loudest and in the finest halls. He succeeded in becoming a Giantsbane and inherited the powerful warhammer Kharmine from his great, great grandfather, but quickly realized that his ancestors were perhaps too good at their job; Algrimm found the post of Giantsbane to be lonesome and unrewarding as all the giants had long since left the Keldagrinn Mountains.
    In the 28th year of his post Algrimm concluded that remaining alone in his outpost for another year would mean madness, and so he escaped with the hopes of finding honor and his inheritance abroad. In his travels he happened across a strange looking (tall and slender) dwarf with a flaming visage who had never even heard of stout. This tall-dwarf named Ronsonal told Algrimm tales of a massive world beyond the Keldaggrins that the dwarves didn’t even know existed. As the two began their fourth round of drinks another tall-dwarf and two dwarven children rushed out of the tree-line and into the light of their camp, and when the band were followed into the clearing by three stone-and-steel pursuers Algrimm’s reaction was immediate; hammer and doom…

    Pasa, a gnome with a fire in her heart, and even more in her bombs, has always hated machines.
Since she was little, she had been a pyromaniac of sorts, and as she grew through her teen years, she maintained the rebellious teen spirit. She slowly but surely turned to anarchy. She believe that the new laws in the land, especially those to do with the new automatons running around. She didn’t trust them, and she absolutely didn’t trust Claptrap to not use them to his advantage. She knew it was only a matter of time before something bad happened, and she decided to strike at the heart of the beast: CT Industries, Inc.
    However, as she was setting up her ingredients to fire-bomb the factory, she hears the alarms go off, and 2 figures run towards her. A gnome and a human were running out, being chased by the automatons. Without thinking, Pasa immediately decided to help them, and covered their escape with her timed bombs while running with the pair into the forest to the east. They were pursued by a few automatons, and as they entered a clearing, they see 2 men, one of which was quite short, sitting and drinking. The automatons burst through the brush, and with aid being rendered from the two men drinking, the group began to fight for their lives.

    Gondorf always seemed to be in the wrong place. He grew up among cloistered religious folk, trying to teach him the secrets of divine magic, and all Gondorf spent his time doing was reading the forbidden arcane books stored in the abbey. He eventually was kicked out, and started looking for more ways to expand his knowledge of the arcane arts. He was happened upon by a fat, rich looking Goblin who offered him a new job: Simply help the Goblin barter some deals, oversee some transactions, and help guard a few people. Seemed simple enough. Gondorf happily accepted. As each “transaction” and “deal” went by, though, Gondorf grew more and more uneasy. This felt more threatening to the people on the other side of the table than he was led to believe. He was eventually told he had been “promoted”, and was assigned to help guard the most important building to the Goblin (Claptrap): His factory.
    However, Gondorf quickly realized that he wasn’t guarding the factory. He wasn’t even a guard. He was a slave driver and an overseer, and he was a prisoner too! Over time he found friendship with one of the “workers”; a gnome named Posy, who had a knack for engineering trinkets. They slowly formed a plan to escape. They enacted this plan, but things went badly. Luckily, as they ran out, they were greeted by a strange gnome who helped them escape into the forest, where they were pursued by some of the robotic guards of the factory. They turned to fight their pursuers, and were joined by two strange men whom Gondorf would soon get to know well.

A Clash of Fire and Steel

    The fight begins with the ragtag group trying to fight off the automatons that are chasing after Posy and Gondorf. Gondorf takes many bites from one of the more animalistic automatons, and nearly falls, but is saved by a quick heal from his new friend Posy. Kharmine, wielded by Algrimm, cleaves through the very core of one of the more fragile creatures, removing it permanently from the battle. A few well placed blasts of Ronsonals favorite element also clear the air of the swarms of robotic insects that were hampering the fight as well. After a well fought battle lasting no more than a minute or so, the group remains standing over the charred and shattered husks of the automatons, and begin to regroup and collect their thoughts, and introductions begin…

Drinks, Rivers, and Stuck-up Richboys

    The group introductions now finished, and drinks having been shared, the group decides to work together, since they did quite well as a team. Algrimm is still continuing his journey, and sees this group as a great way to earn fame for himself, and help others like he swore to. Ronsonal thinks that maybe this group is his ticket to finding out more about the Plane of Fire, or at the very least he can work with them to earn fame for the Fire Druid Clan. Gondorf and Posy are in search of revenge on Claptrap, and realize they will need the party’s help. Posy just wants to burn Claptraps possessions and factories to the ground, preferably with him inside with them, and knows that if anybody can help burn things, it’s these guys!
    The group decides they will continue south, across the Kelban River, although Gondorf managed to convince the party not to head towards his home of Eastwatch (having no fond memories of the place). The party ends up in the town of Dorburne, where they hear rumors of a robbery that happened to one of the wealthiest men in the wealthiest family of Dorburne, the Tanlay Ranch. They go visit him, and despite his lack of fondness of Algrimm, and despite his snobbish attitude, Gondorf managed to bluff Tanlay into believing he was still employed by Claptrap, and that the group was performing a service provided to CT Industries’ favorite customers. Lord Tanlay finally caved, and agreed to allow the group to investigate the robbery.
    After a lot of drinking by Algrimm and Ronsonal, and a lot of information gathering by the group, they determine that the robbery might be part of a string of robberies against many of the noble families that own automaton servants. Everyone decides that their best course of action is to head to Kelbridge to investigate the source of these claims, and the additional rumor that these robberies are coordinated by someone or some group in the Gaslamp District…


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