Wannabe Fire Elemental


I seek knowledge into getting into the elemental plane of fire. As a worshiper of Nature, I recognize that fire is the ultimate force of nature and worship is as thus.

I have been guarding the land around Mount Death Cloud since I became of age to guard my own lands. My ancestors have been guardians of the lands for centuries. My father was a guardian of the River (insert cool name of a river in your world here) and my mother was one of the many guardians of the forest surrounding (insert major town of your world here).

I decided to guard a piece of land that my people have all but forgotten so I could have solitude to commune with the elemental forces and become closer to becoming a fire elemental (My main goal of life). I don’t much care for protecting forests, but I answer the call of the Druids if required to.

I met a peculiar creature during one of my walks of the land. It was a short and stout thing that called himself a “dwarf.” He took great offense to me calling him a mini-human. His name is Algrimm. He wore metal…a HUGE affront to nature and I condemned him as such. He had a giant cache of Fire-water though…so I was willing to forgive him. I figured I should follow him on his quest to find this giant because I might meet more to help me on my journey to find a way into the elemental plane of fire and become a fire elemental.


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