Pasa Ilyeth


Pasa was a part of a travelling group of gnome artisans. Every so often the gnomes would need someone to clear a path for their gigantic haul of trinkets that they would cart through the forest, so Pasa learned some basic alchemist’s tricks and took up the job. Later she found out that she could also use potions to do things wackier than explosions. Which was entertaining, of course.

When she was traveling through (large town) she was struck by the abundance of cheap gnome products for sale in the city, which prevented her and the rest of her artisan group from making a living. Too small and young to do anything substantial about the problem, she took up the habit of replacing the wares with products that had funny and annoying defects.

This was interesting enough for a while, but once a singing toaster put her neighbors into an angry fit, she decided that she could probably do something more effective than annoying big business out of the town. So she went to (firey place) where she had heard that there were potent chemicals that she could harness to do some damage to the goblins’ corporation.

Pasa Ilyeth

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