Gondorf Tarlas

The Redeemed Slavemaster


I was raised by a religious order that wanted us to use their ‘pray to god’ hocus-pocus and trained us in fighting, but I preferred to learn about magic and wizards and adventuring through the confiscated books they had in their library. Once they found out, they kicked me out of pretty much the small world I knew.

Thankfully a charming goblin businessman offered me an employment contract. For room and board, all I had to do was ‘facilitate’ some business deals, ‘convince’ unruly employees to go back to their posts, and sometimes act as a bodyguard. It was decent work, but I realised that with my help, the goblin intended to threaten the order of magical knowledge, my homeland, and possibly the world.

I helped an employee escape, and my goals now are to stop the goblin from wreaking havoc, and to fully understand magical order and its practical applications.

Gondorf Tarlas

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